Puzzle-Generator Windows Tool to create your own puzzles and crosswords.

Generate your own word search puzzle in 7 steps

With the help of Puzzle-Generator you can easily build your own word search puzzle in a few steps - with individual words. The result can be formatted in a modern way. Generate a great puzzle with your individual touch. Use it for the wedding newspaper or as a gift for birthday or Christmas.


The following tutorial shows you how to create your own word search puzzle with Puzzle-Generator in a few steps:

Step 1: Select puzzle type and create a new puzzle

  • After download and installation, start the Windows program Puzzle-Generator from the Start menu.
  • Use the menu item "File → New Puzzle" or the corresponding toolbar button Neues Rätsel Button to create a new project.
  • A new dialog window opens where you can select the appropriate type of puzzle "Word Search Puzzle". A blank puzzle is generated and the program interface changes.

Step 2: Enter your own words

  • You need to define the words for the fields in the word search puzzle. This can be done in the editor under "1. Enter Words".
  • Edit words

Step 3: Define grid size and other options

After you have entered all words you can start the generation of a new word search puzzle.

  • Switch to the tab "2. Generate" and set the size of the puzzle grid, for example 16x16.
  • Choose whether words may be written backwards.
  • You can also specify which characters are allowed to fill the rest of the grid.
  • Set grid size

Step 4: Generate the puzzle and check the result

In this step the word search puzzle is generated. Navigate to the tab "2. Generate".

  • When the generation process has finished a preview of the created puzzle appears on the right. Below the Generate button you will find further details about the result (number of used words, used fields...).

Step 5: Customize colors, fonts and appearance

With Puzzle-Generator it is possible to customize the look of your word search puzzle in several ways.

  • Select the tab "3. Configure" and go to the settings fields.
  • Configure colors, size, boxes, fonts and much more.
  • Choose a smooth gradient as background.
  • Play around with the settings of Puzzle-Generator.

Step 6: Saving and Printing

Once you have a word search puzzle generated you should back up your work and save the project.

  • Select "File → Save" or the corresponding toolbar button Rätsel speichern to save the current puzzle in a file.
  • You can restore the file via "File → Open" and continue editing.
  • To print your word search puzzle just navigate to "File → Print" or the corresponding toolbar button Rätsel drucken. Do not forget to select your printer in the Print dialog!

Step 7: Optional: Save your word search puzzle as a Word document

To edit the generated puzzle with other programs you have different options:

  1. Use the "Export" button to save image files (such as JPG, PNG or BMP) which you can open into an image -processing or page layout tool.
  2. Use the menu item "Options → Save Word Document" or the corresponding toolbar button Word-Dokument speichern to save the puzzle as a Word document (.docx). The .docx file can then be opened with Microsoft Word for further editing.